Sketch Tales Early Summer Update

2016-05-31 18:53:28

To kick things off, let’s dive into... 

  • Multiplayer! We are really excited about this one. You will be able to very easily set up a private server and play with friends in two modes: deathmatch and co-op. 
  • Magic! And magic as a weapon! Both players and AI will be able to shoot magic, like fireballs. You can also draw our own magic and bastardize your foes with something creative and personal that you crafted.  
  • In-depth tutorial. You can do a lot in Sketch Tales and we want to make sure both new and existing users quickly understand how to play at various points in the game. 
  • Sharing maps! Create a cool and surreal land, fill them with your creations, and share them with your friends. “Wait,” you may be saying. “Did you a say create a land?” Yes! More on that next week!