Game Updated to v. 0.131

2016-03-06 09:31:01

Hi everybody! 

Today we have a big experimental update for you! Sketch Tales have just been upgraded to version 0.131, bringing along significant changes and improvements. 

IMPORTANT! We’ve uploaded this version to an experimental thread in order to test it. If you want to try it out, then right-click Sketch Tales in the games library, choose Properties and “experimental” in the BETAS section and in the section of LOCAL FILES click on "VERIFY INEGRITY OF GAME CACHE ...". Your version will then update to 0.131. 

If all goes well, we will upload this update to the main thread within a few days. 

So, what’s new: 

• The basic amount of energy has been increased to 1000 in Sandbox mode; 
• Until the Sketch Tales main story launch all the paint colors have been made available; 
• Text and voiceover phrases have been put into the same window; 
• AI of the same class no longer attacks the player 
• UNDO is now called by Ctrl+Z; 
• Bug with sprites jerking when tilt fixed; 
• Cloud layers added; 
• Weather effects fixed – now the rain is not pouring so often; 
• Size, strength and speed of monsters have been decreased. 

Additionally, we have carried out lots of optimization work: 

• Performance has been considerably increased; 
• System requirements lowered to 4Gb of RAM; 
• Drawing distance for geometry, sprites and shadows added to the Settings; 
• Minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 added; 
• Possibility to switch on white plane instead of water added.