Update Sketch Tales will hit in October

2016-09-15 20:35:09

Big news everyone! Today we are very pleased to announce the long-awaited Update Sketch Tales will hit in October. We know it's been a long road and we really appreciate your support and patience. 

So what will be in the update? 

  • Start playing Sketch Tales with your friends! 
    The first multiplayer game modes - Death Match and Team Death Match - will be included in the update. 

  • Create your own multiplayer maps, play, and share them with your friends! 
    All made possible with the beautiful Map Voxel Editor. 
  • Draw and add much more to bring your character even more to life. 
    Create weapons - draw magic arrows, fireballs, lightnings, or whatever you wish and use these weapon in the battle. Craft armor - make your own armor and then equip your character. 

  • New User Experience and UI 
    We've created an more intuitive interface and on-boarding experience so now you can create your hero, weapon, and equipment in a sim 
  • Transform your hero 
    You can find many different characters throughout the game and add them to your magic book. Once added, you can transform into any one of those characters at any time. 

    These things and more are waiting for you in the October update to Sketch Tales. 

    Thank you again and looking forward to seeing all the cool and creative creations come October! 

    Please, feel free to leave your comments below.