Sketch Tales Announce Teaser

2016-03-06 13:24:53

We are so excited to finally announce ‘Sketch Tales’ – an immersive action/rouglike game, which we in 8D Studio have been developing for quite a time now. And we are even more excited to reveal its first teaser.

Games features

- Unique drawing magic. Create weapons, creatures and much more by simply drawing them.

- Freedom of creativity. Invent new ways to use your art-power. Will the arrows become poisonous, if you put green on them? Can you get to an impregnable fortress by drawing a door? Try to find out.

- Living world. Explore it, looking for mysteries and treasures. Inhabitants of this realm are alive and unpredictable, so be ready for surprises as well.

- Customizable violence. Chop your enemies into pieces, or battle them without spilling blood – according to your ethics.

- You choose. Adventure can wait, if you prefer to become a builder or settle down in a beautiful place.

The journey begins next year on PC, and is planned for tablets.